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Unicorn Frap Is Interesting



Boston University


- experimental

Unicorn Frap Is Interesting

Definitely didn't taste as magical as it looked

Izzy Raye


Hey Starbucks, good try.

I was sent to review the infamous new Unicorn Frap at Starbucks, a limited edition drink that looks like the stuff out of an 11-year-old's dream.

Let’s go over the ingredients. We have the usual: ice, milk and creme Frappuccino syrup. Pretty standard. Then we get into fairytale land. The drink also includes mango syrup, blue drizzle, pink powder, sour blue powder and whipped cream.

I haven't really been paying attention to the hype surrounding this experimental cocktail, so I was relatively unbiased going into this review. However, I did read that the grande size of this drink contained about 55g of sugar, which definitely made me contemplate actually buying this thing. 55 mg of sugar is equivalent to three Snickers bars.

It was around 10:05 AM when I walked into the Starbucks by COM, the College of Communications at Boston University. I wasn’t even sure if this particular store would sell the Unicorn Frap until I walked up to the counter and saw a sign saying “The Unicorn Frappuccino is here, if you can believe it.” Oh I believed it. I made sure the lady behind the counter knew I was ordering it for a review, and then proceeded to order the smallest size of it I could possibly get.

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While I was waiting for my order, the barista handed a venti (the biggest size that you can get in Starbucks) Unicorn Frap to a girl waiting next to me. The name on her cup was Michelle, and it was her first time trying the new drink. I asked her what she thought of it as she took her first sip. She shrugged and said, “It’s good, it’s like super sweet milk. Like very flavored milk.”

The fact that she didn’t just take one sip and throw it away made me feel a little better about trying it. I got my cup with my misspelled name on it, was embarrassed by the fact that this colorful, sugary concoction was the first thing I was consuming this morning, hid the drink at my side and quickly walked out.

Just looking at it got me interested, so I found a seat as soon as I could in order to document my first sips.

The second I stopped filming and put my straw to the bottom of the cup, I audibly reacted to the sour flavor. The blue syrup was off-putting and acidic, like someone stuck Sour Skittles into a perfectly good cotton candy drink. I ate the whipped cream to try and dilute the sourness, but the blue powder on top was so tart I literally cringed.

It’s safe to say I didn’t end up drinking the full thing, and in fact I didn’t even get halfway through it. Starbucks was definitely onto something with the sweet flavor they created in the drink, but completely ruined it with the sour punch.

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I don’t see how the person who tested this at Starbucks added the blue syrup and was like, "yeah good." I sort of feel like this may have been a really late April fools joke because the initial taste definitely mislead me to think I could trust this drink only to be betrayed. Why Starbucks? Why would you want to embarrass me like that?

10 minutes after I threw out my drink, there was a horrible aftertaste that lingered in my mouth. This is what really set me over the edge with this Frap. I drank an entire bottle of iced tea and it still didn’t go away. It left me kind of nauseous and wishing I hadn't spent the convenience points on it.

So would I recommend this drink? No. It’s not worth the Instagram or Snapchat post, and that really says it all.