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What's Poppin in Boston ?

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Boston University


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What's Poppin in Boston ?

Tips for having fun from an upperclassman

Ashley Moreno


Every freshman in college comes to Boston with absolutely no clue where to find the best parties in the city. As a 21-year-old, I think I’m obligated to inform them of the fun and not so fun party spots in Boston.

The Boston social scene has a lot to offer, but first you need to know what kind of scene you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a laid back party with light music and conversation, a frat party in Allston probably isn’t your best bet. If you’re looking to get drinks spilled all over you in a hot and overcrowded basement, then a frat party in Allston is the way to go.

For someone who is not 21 yet, I would say the best social scenes can be found at apartment parties. Apartment parties are usually hosted by friends or friends of friends. They usually have good vibes, current music, and decent drinks. They're full of people you've seen around campus, and now is the time to get to know them. In my experience, these parties are the best spots to make new friends.

The other option for people who aren’t 21 yet are Harvard parties. These parties usually have a line after 10 p.m., so I’d recommend knowing someone at the party to get you in. Also, if you're a guy and you want to get into a Harvard party, you're going to want to bring a bunch of girls with you because ratios are key

"In my experience, Harvard parties are the most fun," said Andreas, a film and television major. "There's dancing, good music, a lot of people there, it's always a good time."

For those of legal drinking age, there are way more options.

At Boston University, when people turn 21 they usually go to bars around Allston such as Tavern in the Square, Wonderbar and T’s. These spots are typically filled with Boston University and Boston College people, and they rarely have a cover charge.

“My favorite places to go are bars in Allston, like Tits, The Draft and Patrons," said Julliette, a student in Questrom. "The Draft and Patrons have pool tables. Also Patrons has a big dance floor and sometimes they have salsa nights.”

Some places can end up being a bit pricey, especially for the typical broke college student.

“My friends end up at Pour House a lot." said Emily Sherman, 22, a student at Berklee. "Lolita is fun but a little pricey. There are like dive places in Allston that are super fun, but can be ratchet.”

There are also different spots in Boston that offer a more varied social scene. For example, in Fenway you can find some pretty nice bars that have a good mix of people from Northeastern, Boston University, and other schools. Watch out for the drunk middle-aged Red Sox fans though, they can get a bit rowdy.

If you’re willing to spend the cash on an Uber, then downtown Boston has some cool spots such as Bijou and HighBall Lounge. Sometimes, frats will host events at certain clubs and these types of parties usually require you to buy a ticket online. These places are club-like and will probably have a cover charge. Clubs like these are your best bet if you're in the mood to dance.

“My favorite spot in Bijou, but when I wanna get wasted though I like Whiskeys or Venue," said Kenny, 22, a student at Wentworth. "Also, a low-key awesome place called HighBall Lounge lets you write messages on the windows, and they have board games and such. It's a fun place that’s always crowded.”

Quincy Market is a fun area for day or night. In the day, Quincy Market has their touristy food market and some decent shopping. The nightlife is also fun, and Faneuil Hall has a couple of awesome bars.

“Downtown Faneuil Hall area has the best vibes," said Chantelle Castano, a student in the College of Arts and Sciences. "Howl at the Moon, Wild Rover, all the bars around there are fun.”

Stay safe and happy partying.