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Modern Love Stories of BU in 13 Words

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Boston University


- experimental

Modern Love Stories of BU in 13 Words

Inspired by the New York Times

Molly Glass


Relationships these days are not like they used to be. Rarely do you hear of someone being asked out on a date for coffee or dinner. There is no "third date rule," and there are so many other labels besides "in a relationship." While dating has become unconventional, it means that there are surprising ways to find someone if you're open to it.

This week, my childhood best friend, Melissa Rodman, mentioned me in a quote in a New York Times article on 13-word love stories. Melissa wrote: "Age 5, when love means naming your pet goldfish after best friend Molly." Falling in love with this idea, I asked friends and students at BU to describe their relationships, how they met their significant others, or their relationship statuses in 13 words or less. This exercise allows you to thoughtfully tell your story to the world by using such few words.

I wrote mine to start it off: "Left my number on his desk, he smiled cause he liked me back."

"He was older, we had mutual friends. He walked me home one night." -Kelly Gore '18

"So much more we could have done, but now I will never know." -Ellie Goldman '18

"Lost his keys and wallet, left his number, I made sure I called. -Sophia Roldan '18

"We took one look at each other and knew this was something special." -Jenifer Kurtz '20

"Studied abroad in Spain, to fall in love with a fellow Terrier." -Melanie Rabin '18

"Two Allston basements, social media followings, and introduced by a mutual friend." -Sarah Perkins '20

"Bought me a drink at my sister’s birthday party, the rest was history." -Ashley Moreno '18

"No more Netflix until you decide what you want to order." -Trevor Tarnoff '18

Even better, asking the couple:

"On our first night out he ordered dominoes with ranch, and I knew." -Corinne Nixon '19
"I said I didn’t want a girlfriend senior year, then I met her." -Jason Vanderlinden '18

"We met in the dhall and ate pizza together - that's when I knew." -Melanie Hubbard '18

“We met after unhealthy relationships, and became best friends before falling in love.” -Ryan Jamieson '18

Guys can be the cutest.

Hope you all enjoyed these creative, short stories. You never know what's going to happen - true love can be found over a pizza. There's a chance that the person you're looking for might be looking right at you in class, across the GSU, or will be at the next frat party you go to. It's cuffing season!!!

It doesn't need to be Valentine's Day to do something extra for the person that makes you smile everyday.