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Why I Care About Who Nicholas Fuentes Will Be Voting For

election 2016


Boston University


Why I Care About Who Nicholas Fuentes Will Be Voting For

Yes, the guy with the "Make America Great Again" hat

Izzy Raye


Before I begin, I want to point out that I do not mean to attack Fuentes as a person in any way. I'm expressing my opinion in response to the facts he has displayed and the things he has done and said publicly. You have every right to disagree with me.

Boston University recently created a campaign that allowed students on campus to express who they are voting for in the 2016 Presidential Election. When students clicked on the university campaign, many of them were intrigued by a video interview of a student sporting a red "Make America Great Again" hat.

That student was Nicholas Fuentes. To put things into perspective, Fuentes' video has over 2,500 views. The video also has over 70 dislikes. Since the release of the video, Fuentes has been continuously ridiculed on Twitter by fellow BU students and students across Boston.

Fuentes starts off his speech by saying that being politically correct is holding conservatives back from being able to make a difference. I’m sorry, but last time I checked, this was a Presidential election. I'm pretty sure I’d rather have a president that thinks before they speak rather than someone who offends half the country.

People that are "threatened" by political correctness are people who just want to be able to say whatever they want without consequence. But, that’s not how the world works. It’s not hard to be politically correct if you’re simply an empathetic person who cares about others. It’s not fucking political rocket science, sheesh!

Let's not forget that there were other candidates in the running for the Republican nomination who were not completely offensive. Many people across America supported Rubio and Cruz’s campaigns; however, because Trump was such a hard hitting force, those other candidates were no longer people's main focus.

In my opinion, the biggest shocker in Fuentes’s video is when he goes on to talk about the “cultural reform” Trump will bring to the country. Are you talking about how he plans to further alienate every non-white individual in this country? Are you talking about how he continuously disrespects and objectifies women? Are you talking about the fear all minority groups in this country feel when Trump speaks about his immigration or social policies?

Mr. Fuentes, I realize that you are a white male so I’ll try to go easy on you. As a woman, hearing Trump talk about reproductive rights during the last debate was completely appalling. I watched an entitled man, who believes he knows the answer to everything, talk about a struggle he will NEVER have to go through, and a sadness he could NEVER comprehend. It was shocking to hear you use the adjectives "romantic and inspiring" to describe Trumps’ lack of empathy. His fear mongering and hatred comes at the expense of other people’s trauma and hardships, which is something I feel you may be disregarding.

As a Jew, hearing what Trump has said about Muslims and the ban he plans to enforce is absolutely sickening. Liberty cannot mean freedom for some people, and isolation or deportation for the others. America is the land of the free, not the land of division and hatred. This country has become a safe place for people of all beliefs and races, and this founding ideal should never be forgotten.

I apologize if it seems as though I am asking you to change your beliefs. I’m not. But, I am asking you to open your eyes to the people and the world around you, and realize that this is not just a country for you.

The most beautiful quality this country possesses is its diversity and multiculturalism. If anyone threatens to take that away from us then yes, we should be afraid. We should not pardon someone just because they are saying what they "feel"; because, if saying what you feel alienates more than half of the country and you’re running for President, then yes, there is a problem with that.

So I'd like to thank you, Nicholas Fuentes. If there is anything you've done, it's remind us why each and every one of us needs to VOTE. Get up, get vocal, and check that ballot, because your voice is important.