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Lets Talk About Sex Baby

college culture


Boston University


Lets Talk About Sex Baby

BU Students spill on the craziest locations they've had sex on campus

Serina Mehrian


Causal, monogamous, break-up, make-up, late night booty call, one-night stand……translation, SEX (and yes totally COLLEGE).

Whether you’re the dating type, the causal hook-uper, swipe connoisseur or the one whose down for anything, college life may just be your saving grace. The so called “Hookup Culture” is ruling the world one campus at a time and for millennials like us, it’s become pretty damn normal.

Some may find it offensive and others (totally older people) may not understand it or believe in it, but I for one think it’s about time we talk about it.

Whether you like it or not, people are going to do the dirty and that’s just the way things go. Yes, your innocent daughter is probably having sex and your son who told you those condoms were his friend’s is most definitely lying.

Sex might be the topic that makes you squirm when your parent’s ask if you’re a virgin, or even worse might be the topic you highly want to avoid when you bring that boy you’ve been seeing to dinner with the family. But real talk, sex shouldn’t be the topic you feel the need to hide in college.

These four years are the time to find yourself, make insanely important life altering decisions, and finally decide what you want to be when you grow up. More importantly, it’s the last moments of reckless childhood decisions, drunken hookups, and eating pizza blackout at 3 am.

So, I propose we dive into this whole non-judgmental zone and get scandalous. Let’s embrace those sexual adventures and ditch the shame before jumping into bed (or wherever else you tend to get turned on)!

To get the scoop on sex-capades around campus, I sent out an anonymous survey to find out the craziest locations BU students have done the deed.

To start things off, I’d like to say mad respect to the crazy kids who banged in the T’s parking lot! I’m guessing the line might have been too long to wait in and do it inside….? You go Glen Coco(s)!

Let’s dive into some of my personal favorite responses that you guys sent in.

We’ve got a few wild ones who got it on during finals week on the BU beach, SCANDY! Plus, the couple who hit it in the press box above Nickerson Field. Not to mention the two that did it against the Greek Life Rock, and the wild ones who got frisky in the Questrom Atrium.

Couldn’t forget to mention the love birds who got it in, on a bus from STUVI to their formal. Clutch people, very clutch!

Next up we’ve got a ton of people who mentioned the 26th floor in STUVI and those 1019 study rooms, and roof! PSA: you might want to black light the next chair you decide to sit on, just saying!

Students even mentioned CAS classrooms and bathrooms, plus a sex-capade encounter in Photonics. Some have even gone into the law library…get it boys and girls!

Up next on the list, Mugar Memorial Library. Lets just say that place has seen more action than a porn director. If you’re ever in need of taking a quick “study break” with a friend, it would seem floors four and five would be the place to go.

Lastly, it would seem that Rich, Claflin, and Sleeper have seen a hell of lot more than every single one of us put together. To all horny Freshmen, heads up on all the other people who’ve probably banged on that mattress or in that shower you’ve been using. Oh and the study room basements, yup those too!

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, the craziest locations BU students have gotten frisky.

Whether you needed some inspiration or just seemed curious, I hope you found just what you were looking for.

Just remember, you’re only young once so get out, get wild, and get it ;)