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Fuck A Fake Friend, Where Ya Real Friends At?

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Boston University


Fuck A Fake Friend, Where Ya Real Friends At?

Drake said it best...

Stevie Maizes


Waiting and waiting and waiting.

This is all you ever do when your life is consumed with fake, bad, and toxic friends.

Waiting for that text from them. Waiting for them to do something nice for you finally. Waiting for them to be there for you when you’re down, as you always are there for them. Waiting for them to go out of their way for you just once. Even just waiting for them to simply just tell you “You’re my best friend and I will always be here for you.”

You live your life constantly waiting around to only find that nothing changes and your needs are never going to be met. We all had or have bad friends in our lives, especially ones that we care a lot about.

However, it may be time to recognize these bad friends in your life and say good reddens for your own emotional health.

Think about the friends you would do anything for. Now think, would they do the same for you? Sometimes fake friends are hard to spot right away but there are many signs over time that you can look out for that can make it much easier to say “peace out fool,” before getting hurt.

The Flaky Friend
Do you have a friend that always cancels on you last minute? Always fails to show up or go through with plans? You may have a flaky friend on your hands, that it may be time to say bye-bye too.

There’s always that one friend who is never on time or cancels last minute leaving you feeling frustrated and hurt. The worst is when this friend will tell you they cannot hangout but then you see them with other people having a great time on social media.

These friends can be very disappointing and if you're able to deal with it then great, but it might be better to stop relying on this friend. Stop making plans with these people and find others who genuinely want to hang out with you instead.

The Selfish Friend
“Omg look at this picture of me!”, “How amazing do I look?”, “It’s all about me though.” If you have friends that say something along these lines, you may be dealing with a self-absorbed friend.

These friends suck up all the energy in a friendship and make everything about themselves. Whenever you tell them anything, be sure that it will relate right back to them as it really is "their world and you’re just living in it."

Another characteristic of these friends is that they think they deserve special treatment all the time and that you should drop everything for them. This is not how a friendship is supposed to be, and if you have a friend like this, chuck up them deuces and let that friend go.

The Social Climber
These friends are one of the worst types to have. Everything will be great and suddenly they act like they have no idea who you are when they are around other people that they see as “cooler” or “better” than you.

These friends always want something bigger and better than what they already have and no matter how special you are. They’ll drop you like a hot potato.

So if you really care about someone who is like this, I suggest you either stop caring knowing they will get rid of you or learn to live without expectations.

The One Upper
“Oh you got a new job? Well, I got promoted to CEO.” “Oh you’re going to New York next weekend? I’m going to Europe for two months.” These phrases and many more are what people who are “one uppers” say.

Do you have any friends that constantly try to be better than you? Always make you feel less significant or that there always one step ahead? These friends are known as “one uppers” and they will crush your self-esteem at any chance they get.

What’s the point of having a friend that always has to be better than you instead of celebrating you and helping you get pumped up for exciting things to come? That’s right. Nothing. Stay far away from these people unless you want to constantly think about your life as if you’re a step behind someone.

The Talking Shit Friend
If you have a friend that constantly talks mad shit about other people…other people probably isn’t the only thing they talk about.

It has been proven that people who gossip about other people all the time most likely gossip about you too. You definitely don’t want a friend that constantly talks badly about others especially other people you like.

Why would you want a friend that also probably talks badly about you too? Friends are purely for love and not hate. So stay away from these “gossiping Gabrielle’s or Gavin’s” real quick.

The No Effort Friend
These are also one of the worst types of friends. These are the friends who never talk to you, never make plans with you, and never do anything nice for you. You constantly have to text them for plans or reach out to them if you want to keep the friendship alive at all.

Friendships are a two-way street with give and take. If you have a friend that all you do is give give give, it is most likely that it’s time for this friend to be cut off. Why have a friend that doesn’t want to be involved in your life?

You want friendships that have an equal amount of give and take. Sometimes it may be good to distance yourself from these people to see if they come around. If not, FUCK THEM. You can probably find a better friend anyways.

The Judgmental Friend
“You look so fat in that.” “Why would you do that? That is so weird.” “You’re so annoying.” If you have a friend that is constantly judging everything you do, time to say “FUCK OFF!”

You want to have supportive friends who don’t judge your every move but give honest and friendly advice or comments to help you through your actions. Judgmental friends can really have an effect on your self-esteem and make you constantly feel shitty and insecure.

Again, why would you want a friend that you can’t do a single thing without being judged. Clearly this friend has got their own shit to work out so they can’t stop judging you and everyone else.

These are just some of the few friends you should watch out for.

Friends are a very important part of life. They can lift you up when your down and always be there for you when you need something. They are the people you laugh with. They are the people you share secrets with. They are people that you grow up with.

Friends are essential to good emotional and mental health. So why waste time with shitty friends?

Life is too short.