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Fa la la Finals?



Boston University


Fa la la Finals?

stressed and depressed, but still well dressed?

Stevie Maizes


December is usually happy and filled with holiday joy for most people, but for college students it’s filled with tears and hair-pulling moments as it's now finals season. Finals season is very tough for students across the country as they have to pull their shit together and be able to get those grades up for the end of the semester. It is also filled with a lot of regrets as students feel like they shouldn’t have gone out that one night when they could have stayed in studying. Finals are especially stressful at Boston University as it's rated number fucking one for hardest final exams… that’s right. I said it. NUMBER ONE HARDEST FINAL EXAMS. Just let that sink in. Before you begin to get nauseous and have a panic attack, I’m here to give you some ideas for a few things you can do to get rid of that stress during this final's season.

Go to the gym or be active
Nothing gets rid of unwanted stress better than the gym or being active. Yes, I’m talking about the place you fear and dread going to. It can actually be one of the best places to relieve stress. Running, lifting weights, taking workout classes, and more can all help you sweat out that stress that is eating you up inside about finals. Exercise allows you to release stress while getting into good shape. It’s the perfect combination! If you’re not a gym person then try a boxing class or a typical soul cycle or fly wheel class that all those basic bitches are doing these days. Anything to get your body moving will help you. Give it a try!

Listen to music and dance with friends
There is nothing better than blasting your favorite song and dancing crazily around a room with your best friends by your side. Music is a great way to forget about all the studying you should be doing and how the grade you get on this final determines the rest of your life. Call up your best friends and tell them to get their asses over to your room because it's dance party time. You can even dress up in your fancy clothes and pretend you’re out at your favorite club that can make it ten times more fun. I personally would suggest songs such as: Caroline by Amine, Closer by the Chainsmokers, All Night by Chance the Rapper, or any throwbacks you like.

Eat some good ass food
After a long-period of studying hard, most people get hungry and need some food power for those long stretches of remaining study-time. So, take a break and venture to your favorite restaurant or pick up your favorite comfort food from the super market! Whether it’s cake, fruit, that dank pasta from an Italian place, or even a good salad. Whatever your favorite meal is, go out and get that shit! The deliciousness of your meal will relieve every little part of stress in your body. “But what about the freshman 15!?” you might be thinking. Who the fuck cares. Stress < Freshman 15. Let’s be real.

Shopping spree on Newbury Street
What better way to release stress then swiping mommy and daddy’s credit card at your favorite stores. I’m sure they’ll understand that it’s a necessity to release your stress from working too hard to ace those finals. Newbury Street has all the stores you could ever want and need. It's also just a 10-minute t-ride away. There is everything from Urban Outfitters to Frye Boots, to Zara, to the Nike store. What better way to release those endorphins than buying new clothing to wear around the city and to add to your collection.

Smoke some weed and have sex
If you’re really feeling crazy and wild, there are plenty of things you can do to relieve stress in the wildest ways. Haven’t you heard about the legalization of weed in Massachusetts? Get some weed (after December 15th) and start rolling those joints. One of the most perfect ways to release stress is to get some of that good ol' THC in you. It will calm you right down and make you have some good laughs. Another way to relieve stress is a bit more scandalous. Having sex has been scientifically proven to release a lot of unwanted stress as your body releases endorphins similar to when you exercise. So grab a hottie you like and get them in your bedroom for some making love fun. However, make sure you’re being safe and use a condom because fuck STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Play with puppies
Nothing. And I mean nothing, releases stress more than playing with cute animals…especially puppies! Every year during finals time, Boston University offers a day where they bring tons of the cutest pups to campus for students to enjoy and play with. Playing with adorable puppies will make you forget all about that awful chemistry or econ final you’re so frightened off. You can enjoy cuddling with the furriest of friends but be careful you don’t spend more time trying to steal them than studying.

These are just a few ways you can reduce that finals season stress and there are many more techniques too that you can find all over the internet. So take a break once and a while and allow yourself to de-stress from cramming and hitting the books all day. However, it is very important to study hard!

Good luck everyone!