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A Very BeanTown Holiday: Rival Review



Boston University


A Very BeanTown Holiday: Rival Review

A weekly round-up of all things BU

Serina Mehrian


To all my Terriers out there, this one’s for you.

Whether you are half way across the world or still in Massachusetts this break, The Rival BU will be on top of gathering the latest news and spreading the word no matter where you are. Check out our website to keep yourself updated on all things Boston.

From us here at The Rival, Happy Holidays! xx

New BU student run account dominates the Instagram game

A new account called The Allston Crawl on Instagram has officially made its mark in the social world. Similar to Humans of New York, the insta displays portraits of students with a caption of their own contribution. According to the bio, the account is all about "capturing drunk BU people at their finest." It is a hilarious and spot on inside look at party-goers making their way through Allston and living that young college life. Clink your red cups to that!

As of now, the mastermind behind the account hasn’t been publicly acknowledged. Only time will tell whether the genius will reveal himself, but until then it’s only right for us to enjoy and maybe even contribute. The next time you're crawling through Allston, keep an eye out. You never know, you might just find yourself on Instagram.

Movie on Boston Marathon Bombing 'Patriots Day' released in theaters

A new movie starring Mark Wahlberg has hit theaters depicting the tragic 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. The movie directed by Peter Berg, focuses on the aftermath of the bombing and the race to find the suspects in the city. Although the movie is focused on the manhunt, it is no surprise that the film whole heartedly brings back heartache and devastation for several Bostonians and BU students alike. The film hits extremely close to home for New Englanders as it depicts the horrible events that unfolded back in 2013, affecting the lives of many.

With the release of the film, controversy has presented itself on the grounds that the film may be unnecessary and insulting. Is a depiction of a tragic event in US history civic healing or completely unnecessary? As three years have gone by, why is it necessary now to reopen past wounds and bring the tragedy back to life?

Although the film was only just released on the 21st, the discussion has struck a chord with many and has continued to become a topic of conversation. With the sticky situation arising, it's only fitting for the people of Boston to decide for themselves.

Eataly officially makes its mark on Boylston

Looking to take a trip to Italy without flyiny anywhere? Our recommendation: Eataly Boston.

Located on the busy block of Boylston right by the Prudential Mall, the multimarket and multirestaurant establishment has officially founds its newest location. From cheeses and meats to gelato and cappuccinos, Eataly has it all. You can stop in to shop around but more importantly, you can go in and GRUB! The pizza is to die for, something I can vouch for from personal experience.

I know it might not be Italy, but it sure is close enough! Just close your eyes and sniff in the aroma and you could honestly be anywhere......a girl can dream (sigh).

Next time you have the itch for italian, ditch the North End and try something new!

The End

PS: You know it's officially Christmas time when you hear this song on the radio, so here it is! Merry Chrisimukkuh and Happy New Year ya filthy animals!