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40,000 Bostonians Shut Down 'Free Speech Rally' Early

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Boston University


40,000 Bostonians Shut Down 'Free Speech Rally' Early

"Boston Strong" takes on a whole new meaning

Nola Schwalb


It has been a tumultuous week for America, from the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, to the blaring reminder of the hatred and anti-semitism that still stands in our so-called “racism cured” country. However, it is our obligation and right to make clear that the bigotry and race-fueled violence that is occurring is not only wrong, but unacceptable.

Today, one week after the Charlottesville rally, a right-wing "Free Speech Rally" was held in the Boston Commons. Around thirty right-wing supporters showed up to rally, while 40,000 counter-protestors came to argue against xenophobia, bigotry, and racial prejudice. According to New York Magazine, the counter-protestors outnumbered the right-wing supporters 800 to 1. Additionally, what followed was, what Boston Commissioner William B. Evans described, as people "standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city.”

With a significantly larger crowd of counter-protesters compared to Charlottesville, there was less violence. According to Commissioner Evans, 27 arrests were made for "assault and battery on police officers" and reports of protestors who threw "rocks and urine-filled bottles at officers," The Boston Globe stated. So far, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported.

President of the United States, Donald Trump, was even quick to respond on Twitter with praise for Boston.

Positivity and love filled the streets of the city, where counter-protestors were seen carrying signs exclaiming, "white lives matter," and "white supremacy is terrorism." As well, there were signs that just called for peace, and an end to the hatred that is currently engulfing our country. Well done Boston!

While hatred is still very much alive and will continue to be as long as naivety and ignorance exists and thrives in America, counter-protests such as these proves that with those who choose to spread hate, there are always those who choose to love.

Watch this aerial shot video to see the different sizes of the protesting groups:

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