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The Time I Bathed in Fruit Loops



Boston University


- experimental

The Time I Bathed in Fruit Loops

Toucan Sam and I are pretty close now

Stevie Maizes


If you’re normal person, you usually eat cereal for breakfast. You get up in the morning, grab a bowl, pour some cereal, milk, get a spoon, and sit down for a delicious breakfast before the start to your day. However, I did something this summer that most people wouldn’t normally do with their cereal.

It was the end of summer, four days before I would move into my new Boston apartment. I had been staying in New Jersey and I went to New York City to have a sleepover with my friend Vic Spero, 20, at her place on the Upper East Side for the night. We'd been planning on going out to do something wild and crazy, but when I got there, we both decided we didn’t really want to go out after all. It was the end of our summer, and we wanted to do something we’d never done before. Something different.

I had been scrolling through my Instagram explore page, when I came across a picture of woman bathing in cereal. I was stopped in my tracks. “I NEED TO TRY THIS," I thought to myself. I turned to Vic and showed her the picture. At first, she was a bit confused, but then agreed to carry out our task. We had to think about how to go about this properly. How many gallons of milk would we need? How many boxes of cereal? It had to be perfect.

We then took a trip to a Duane Reade down the street, and low and behold, they had a sale on boxes of Fruit Loops as well as plenty gallons of milk. We bought three gallons of milk and four boxes of Fruit Loops. When we checked out, the cashier looked us with a very strange look on his face. What? Had he never seen anyone buy supplies to bathe in cereal before? God, we are millennials.

After we purchased our supplies, we rushed up to the 31st floor throwing open the door to Vic’s apartment, and rushed into the bathroom next to her bedroom. We stared at the tub for about ten minutes and tried to figure out how we could accomplish this task. We started to fill the tub with some water just in case we didn’t buy enough milk. We then took one gallon of milk and poured it into the tub as we hysterically laughed at the stupidity of what we were doing. After just one gallon, the tub became a very creamy white color. I then took two of the boxes of Fruit Loops and poured them in the tub as well.

The tub officially looked like a bowl of cereal.

Next, we decided Vic would get the tub first. She slid into the tub and looked at me with a surprised look on her face. “This feels so funny”, she said as she laughed. She started sliding around and feeling the now soggy Fruit Loops as we continued to laugh. “This should be a spa treatment,” she exclaimed.

As she was rolling around in the tub, my artistic senses started to tingle and I grabbed my phone to take pictures. I started snapping photos and Vic asked me what I was doing. I told her to just trust me because the pictures were coming out really cool. I snapped tons of pics as we tried out different poses and movements in the tub.

20 minutes had passed, and it was now my turn to hop into the tub to become a breakfast delicacy. I stepped in and could feel the squishy Fruit Loops on the bottom of the tub and I began to giggle. I slid in and dunked my head under the milk. Everything became black, it felt much thicker than water and hard to stay underneath for a long period of time. I quickly came up and felt it drip down my face, Vic and I were cackling away. I then took my set of pictures and some shots came out pretty good.

When we finished our fun little experiment, we dried off. Vic and I looked at each other and said “Wait, how are we supposed to clean this up?" We began to laugh even harder. We went back in the bathroom to plan out how to clean up a giant bowl of cereal. We couldn’t turn on the drain because the Fruit Loops would clog it, so we had to come up with an alternative. We ended up having to scoop out the Fruit Loops with our hands and then drain the milk. Let’s say the process of cleaning up took at least 45 minutes. Yeah, that sucked, but was it worth it? HELL YEAH.

We got dope pictures and did it for the experience because why not! However, I definitely don’t want to see another Fruit Loop again, sorry Toucan Sam.

Well, what did you do this summer?