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Dating at BU vs. 'The Bachelor'



Boston University


Dating at BU vs. 'The Bachelor'

The inside scoop from a BU student and "Bachelor" super fan

Molly Glass


While some people look forward to Sunday night football, or T's Tuesdays, for me it's Bachelor Mondays. Even with the track record of break-ups, there's something about the show that's captivating. As a not-so-secret Bachelor fan, that's been watching the show and spin-off shows for years, I find myself comparing The Bachelor world to my own college life.

There are the obvious differences. Our lives at Boston University are not recorded for the world to see. On The Bachelor, the entire focus is falling in love cut off from society. Each week you have to watch the person you like date other people and some are sent home. At BU, and at college in general, most people are looking for something casual to keep life entertaining throughout their busy lives. While BU is a large university, somehow everyone still knows each other. You might end up seeing the person you're getting with making out with someone else. When the relationship or fling ends, for better or worse, you're likely to run into them on campus.

Preparing to go on The Bachelor or Bachelorette, you have time to think of a line to say when you make your first impression the day you arrive. Some dress up in costume, others speak in their native language, and most go with a corny pickup line. The one with the most lasting impression receives the first impression rose. At BU, there are many places around campus that you could meet someone. Whether at TITS, a frat party, on Tinder, at Fitrec, or even in class, this first impression will likely to lead to much more than a rose.

Additionally, when entering The Bachelor, you are aware that the person you are getting to know is dating twenty-four or so other people. Yes, this is an unrealistic environment with no technology and one person openly dating many people, but at least there's honesty. In real life, the girl or guy you are getting to know could very well be talking to many others through multiple forms of social media and deleting all the messages (and photos).

Then there's the dating. The Bachelor is known for extravagant dates that start in LA and go world-wide. There is likely a day activity, followed by a romantic dinner in a castle or on a beach, and the night will end with fireworks or a private concert. On The Bachelor your connection is tested as you jump off of a cliff; however, at BU, maybe that adventure is passing CORE together. In college dating these days, everything is kind of backwards. The average person doesn't go to a nice dinner with the person they're into until they've already had sex.

With three contestants left, The Bachelor or Bachelorette couples have the option to "forego their individual rooms" and stay together in a fantasy suite. This is the first time that the couples can get to know each other better off-camera (a.k.a. they can have sex). Though the show is filmed over a few months, the couples have a luxury of getting to know each other first. (Yes there are still multiple people involved). As a college student, there's no third date rule. If you've known the person for an hour or even a few months, I'm sorry to say that the fantasy suite is probably a twin-sized bed in Stuvi2 or a secret spot in Mugar Library on the 4th floor.

During the final episode, one person gets their heartbroken and the other can finally start their fairytale engagement with the show's lead. At BU this final two can be a lot of things: deciding which girl to take to formal, who to invite over for a booty call, or which guy in class to ask for help with accounting.

Maybe we'll all live happily ever after with a sunset in the background. Sunset Cantina that is.