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Parents vs. iPhones



Boston University


Parents vs. iPhones

The continuous struggle

Sasha Ryder


Have you ever spent hours trying to teach one of your parents how to do something on their phone? I have and it’s definitely not my favorite pass-time.

There’s something about parents and evolving technology that just don’t go together. Imagine giving a fish the remote control for the TV. When compared to giving a parent a phone, they’re practically identical. When the iPhone 4 came out, my dad was completely mind-blown. It was his new favorite gadget, but the thing was, he really didn't know how to use it. He’d press the lock button to get to the home screen, accidentally butt-dialed everyone on his contact list, and couldn’t seem to understand how the camera worked. The iPhone 4 came out in 2010, and if he were to be handed it again now, he would still have no idea how the thing worked.

Whilst my dad is pretty bad at navigating around his phone, when it comes to my mom, it’s a whole different story. Just the other day for example she FaceTimed me using the reverse camera instead of the selfie camera. I thought she was trying to show me something so I said nothing, but after about five minutes I told her and she laughed. Normally this is when someone would fix it and switch cameras, but she still didn’t change it. She literally did not know how.

Even when it comes to contacting people, they don’t get the general rule of thumb for how it works. Over the summer I was out with my mom when she got a phone call from an unknown number. Right before I was about to hand her the phone, she said, “ignore it and then block the number.” I thought that seemed a bit extreme and asked if they had called her before- she said no and that she blocks every number she doesn’t know. She wasn’t kidding…she has seriously blocked every single unknown caller from her phone.

The best was when my dad decided to text my boyfriend the message, “Hello Matt <3” just to mess with him a little. As he should be, my boyfriend was very confused and unsure how to answer. It was extremely funny though watching the little typing bubbles appear and disappear as he struggled with what to say.

Clearly, parents really, really don’t get the general rule of thumb for texting rules and violations.

The best is when I text my parents something exciting and I get the response “K.” That leaves me wondering what I did to piss them off so much. Was it what I said or was it my general existence that prompted them to give me such a harsh response? All I know is that if I ever get that type of answer from one of my friends, I really did some dumb shit to piss them off.

And then of course the texting fails....

The jokes never get old.

Although our parents seriously stink at using their iPhones, we definitely get some comedic relief out of watching.