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When Snapchat Was Down for 2 Hours



Boston University


When Snapchat Was Down for 2 Hours

What we can learn from our first-world problems

Molly Glass


On November 6 at approximately 3:45pm, Snapchat was down for a long two hours, leaving thousands without the opportunity to send selfies or messages that erase to their friends or loved ones. Nothing could be done over this time period no matter how many times you refreshed the page, reset the wifi, or uninstalled the app. Nudes could not be sent, rainbows did not make people's stories, Snapchat streaks were lost, and you were unable to stalk your crush on the snap map.

When Snapchat stopped working, I was in the middle of a mesmerizing conversation with my guy friend that's abroad in London for the semester. Getting frustrated that my messages weren't delivering and hoping not to lose the moment, I went from my off-campus apartment to the BU campus, thinking that my wifi was the problem. This turned out to be caused by a network issue and unfortunately, any Snapchat conversations were going to have to wait an agonizing few hours.

I frantically texted my friends asking if they were having the same problems with Snapchat. The reporter in me wanted to find out if others at BU were impacted in the same way that I was or if I was alone in my misery.

"My life stopped. I missed the dog filter. I wished I could take a selfie with the cute glasses and freckles filter. I think I went into shock for a minute. But then I just went onto Instagram and on with my day." -Ashley Moreno '18

Another student shared his dismay:

"Snapchat not working really did impact my day because as it stopped working, I had just taken a nude of myself that looked better that day over others I've tried to take. Just as I was about to send it out, it failed to send, despite how many times I tried to reload it. Now my chances with this chick are diminished." -Aaron Conrad '18

Students were worried that Snapchat was hacked and that their saved photos or confidential information could be released to the public. Many students, however, were unaware of Snapchat being down as they were being productive during this approximately two-hour period. Others do not even have Snapchat accounts and were completely unaffected by this.

While only lasting a short time and impacting a relatively small number of BU students, we can use this occurrence as a reality check to focus on the more important problems going on around us. Maybe I could have taken this time to read the news, study for midterms, or go to Fitrec. We can reevaluate this situation as merely an inconvenience instead of a life-altering tragedy. It's important to take a step back before deeming something as small as a social media app not working as the end of the world.