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How To Survive Black Friday



Boston University


How To Survive Black Friday

Tips so you and your wallet make it out alive

Molly Glass


You're walking through a fluorescent-lit department store, holding a pile of clothing, searching for the dressing room. You wait on the line for an hour, trying not to drop everything on the floor each time you move forward. When you get to the front, the sales associate tells you that you can only bring five items into the dressing room at a time. With all the chaos, who knows if the rest of your items will be there to try on after.

Black Friday, arguably the craziest shopping day of the year, full of impulse buys, seas of people, and maxed out credit cards. Even with the constant sales these days, nothing beats Black Friday. According to the National Retail Federation, 137.4 million people in the U.S. planned to shop during Thanksgiving weekend last year. Even though brick-and-mortar shopping is expected and often preferred for the holiday weekend, with the prevalence of online shopping, who knows what this year has in store (or online LOL).

As a shopping addict. I can't deny that one of the best parts of the week of Thanksgiving is the shopping. Getting home from college for the break, there's a lot of shopping to catch up on. With Black Friday less than a week away, here are some ways to make your shopping experience a little more manageable.

1. Think about what you actually need to buy.
There's nothing worse than getting home from a tiring day of shopping to realize you hate everything you bought. Stay above the influence. If you can, try on the outfits and think about when you're going to wear them. Don't buy something just because it's on sale if it's going to sit in your closet with a price tag on until Black Friday next year. That being said, Fall/Winter clothing is the best so you can't go home empty-handed.

2. Take advantage of the pre-sales.
Plenty of stores already have sales going on so you can shop before the rush. Take a trip to the closest city, mall, or your local shopping center to see what sales there are or to try on clothes, think about them for a few days, and come back later in the week. I'm sure there will be good finds.

3. Don't go alone.
If you're like me and are really indecisive, shopping alone can be dangerous for your well-being and bank account. Bring a trusted friend. your stylish boyfriend or girlfriend, your trendy sister, your street-style brother, or your cool mom or dad to guide you along the way or even just help you hold your bags. Honest opinions are welcomed when we're talking final sale.

4. Stick to stuff you don't have to try on.
Buying gifts, accessories, or clothing you can return will make the day go by much faster and allow you to go to more stores. Also, if you go shopping at your favorite stores, you should be able to tell what your size is and how things will look without going to the dressing room.

5. Work on Black Friday.
Yes, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, but it's just another Friday. This will be my third Black Friday working at Mixology Clothing Co., a trendy retail store in New York to most, but a second home for me. I live for the excitement of the day, but it's much better to help girls and women put outfits together and find what they're looking for than it is to be shopping for myself (or I can shop there too).
6. Wait until Cyber Monday.
Online shopping from the comfort of your own bed can be the best way to sale shop. You can finally order the jeans you've been waiting for to go on sale. Everything that's been sitting in your online shopping cart can now be a reality. For those that aren't thrilled with online shopping, make sure to look at the material of the clothing and the size charts before you purchase. In today's day and age, online shopping is a must so you might as well figure it out now.

I hope you'll find these ideas helpful as you start shopping. Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping everyone!!