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The Final Stretch of the Semester



Boston University


The Final Stretch of the Semester

Don't give up just yet

Layth Hert


Have you reached that point of the semester where you’re not sure you have the minimal brain capacity to make it to the end? Did you get back on campus from Thanksgiving break with a motivation that’s spiraling downwards? I can relate, don’t worry.

I’m sure that you've worked so hard up until this point of the semester, but do you really want to give up now? Look, I understand; there are less than three weeks left this semester, you don’t know if you can bear waking up early for classes anymore (or late for you lucky ones).

For most of us, finals count for a huge portion of our final grades, and we really need to keep working hard up until our last final. So, I made you a check list to stay on top of everything and ace all your finals:

1. Do NOT miss a class.
As tempting as it is to sleep in, not going to class would mean that you have to put twice the amount of work to cover the material in class.

2. Go to office hours before the week of your final when it will be a frenzy of students freaking out and crowding the professor.
Don't understand something in class? Go to office hours, even if it's a small detail. It'll help you so much in the long run, instead of cramming information that doesn't make sense to you.

3. Drink as much coffee as you can (just kidding, please don’t).
What's better than waking up in the morning and having your first cup of coffee? I'm a victim too, but coffee is not the best for you so maybe stick to one or two cups.

4. Eat healthy (I know the desert options at the dining hall make this harder said than done).
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so get up, go to the dining hall or to your kitchen and get those proteins. Eating healthy makes you think more clearly, trust me.

5. Try and sleep for eight hours every night.
Sleep is very important, even though you might think you work better at night with minimal sleep. Having eight hours of sleep over five hours will be very beneficial when it comes to studying and taking your finals. Who doesn't love to sleep?

6. Stay confident and hopeful.
Walk into that final and tell yourself: "I'm going to ace that final and beat the curve." It'll help your performance significantly. Aim for a 100, nothing less.

7. Study a bit every day.
We're all victims of procrastination, but if you study a bit every day, even two weeks before your finals, it'll calm your nerves and make you more confident and ready. For people who do well under pressure, I honestly don't know what to tell you.

Grade deflation? We can still get an A! (right?)

We will ace our finals and get those A’s we all deserve. We got this!